2019-20 League Schedule

The “final” version of the NHC league schedule has been released today. From this point on, teams can request changes to dates and times of league games to accommodate non-league opportunities or unexpected changes by rinks or other factors.

Timeline for this season’s schedule

  • The schedule process started in April, getting existing commitments from teams and general availability from rinks.
  • In early May, several versions of the Red schedule were shared internally based on possible division alignment models.
  • In late May, after the official re-alignment decision, the next version of the Red schedule and the first version of the White schedule were shared with teams and rinks for review.
  • In early June, after a few adjustments to dates, rinks assigned game times.
  • A preliminary “final” schedule was released internally to teams in mid-June, with 12 tweaks to times made since then.
  • At the end of June, the “final” schedule was published here on the NHC website.

Updates since June 27

  • July 27: St. Francis @ Perrysburg games (varsity & JV) on February 2nd were moved 2 hours earlier