2019 League Awards

Awards listed by team below.

Award Category

Red Division

White/Blue Division

Player of the Year Trevor Klee, Northview Nick Rogenski, Southview
Dunn Sportsperson of the Year Jordan Goeb, Findlay Roby Fairchild, Maumee
Cos Sportsperson of the Year Teddy Bugert, Northview Izzy Atkinson, Springfield
Ed Kretz Courage Award Tyler Kelly, St John’s Joel Gollehon, Lake
Rookie of the Year Andrew Pelok, St John’s Ben Thomas, Anthony Wayne
Coach of the Year Matt Bollinger, St John’s Kevin Fisher, Perrysburg
First Team Jared Barfell, Northview (Forward)
Nick Meader, St John’s (Forward)
Nick Coward, St Francis (Forward)
Trevor Klee, Northview (Defense)
Reid Perry, Findlay (Defense)
Jake Coward, St Francis (Goalie)
Cameron Menchaca, Clay (Forward)
Nick Rogenski, Southview (Forward)
Sullivan Carlson, Perrysburg (Forward)
Caden Togrul, Perrysburg (Defense)
Zach Knapp, Anthony Wayne (Defense)
Sam Thomas, Anthony Wayne (Goalie)
Second Team Teddy Bugert, Northview (Forward)
Andrew Pelok, St John’s (Forward)
Harry Hall, Findlay (Forward)
Noah Kerchevall, Northview (Defense)
Blake Gray, Findlay (Defense)
Wil Halker, St John’s (Goalie)
Zach Marvin, Maumee (Forward)
Chase Soltis, Lake (Forward)
Ben Thomas, Anthony Wayne (Forward)
Logan Schuster, Anthony Wayne (Defense)
Chase Nitschke, Perrysburg (Defense)
Will Keune, Perrysburg (Goalie)

Awards by Team

Anthony Wayne Blaine Instone, All Academic
Zach Knapp, First Team (Defense)
Gavin Rinto, All Academic
Jesse Rose, Honorable Mention
Logan Schuster, Second Team (Defense)
Drew Seals, Honorable Mention
Joel Semancik, Honorable Mention
Ben Thomas, Rookie of the Year, Second Team (Forward)
Sam Thomas, First Team (Goalie), All Academic
Clay Max Belli, Honorable Mention
Evan Cote, Honorable Mention
John Hansen, Honorable Mention
Ryan Juhasz, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Cory Krieger, Honorable Mention
Cameron Menchaca, First Team (Forward)
Duncan Odneal, Honorable Mention
Luke Silva, Honorable Mention
Alex Taylor, Honorable Mention
JJ Utter, Honorable Mention
Jarod VanHersett, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Findlay Alex Duke, All Academic
Ethan Franks, Honorable Mention
Jordan Goeb, Dunn Sportsperson of the Year, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Blake Gray, Second Team (Defense), All Academic
Harry Hall, Second Team (Forward)
Nick Iler, Honorable Mention
Kevin Kuhn, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Reid Perry, First Team (Defense), All Academic
Jackson Schmits, Honorable Mention
Lake Joe Boesel, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Joel Gollehon, Ed Kretz Courage Award, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Brent Hegemier, Honorable Mention
Lou Howick, Honorable Mention
Trevor Moeller, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Morgan Reiss, All Academic
Noah Smith, Honorable Mention
Chase Soltis, Second Team (Forward)
Mike Tolles, Honorable Mention
Logan Urbanyi, Honorable Mention
Ray Wagner, Honorable Mention
Maumee Brett Birt, Honorable Mention
Roby Fairchild, Dunn Sportsperson of the Year, Honorable Mention
Kenlyn Foster, Honorable Mention
Owen Grycza, Honorable Mention
Derek Marvin, Honorable Mention
Zach Marvin, Second Team (Forward)
Brayden Meeks, Honorable Mention
Northview Justin Baden, Honorable Mention
Jared Barfell, First Team (Forward)
Teddy Bugert, Cos Sportsperson of the Year, Second Team (Forward), All Academic
Devon Dohanos, Honorable Mention
Tyler Fredrick, Honorable Mention
Noah Kerchevall, Second Team (Defense)
Trevor Klee, Player of the Year, First Team (Defense), All Academic
Seth Orozco, Honorable Mention
Jake Ruehle, All Academic
Perrysburg Joey Ciach, All Academic
Sullivan Carlson, First Team (Forward), All Academic
Patrick Hanley, Honorable Mention
Kevin Fisher, Coach of the Year
Will Keune, Second Team (Goalie), All Academic
Chase Nitschke, Second Team (Defense)
Carson Schlatter, Honorable Mention
Tay Schneider, Honorable Mention
Evan Thomas, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Caden Togrul, First Team (Defense)
David Wilhelm, All Academic
Southview Daniel Pattinson, Honorable Mention
Nick Rogenski, Player of the Year, First Team (Forward)
Springfield Izzy Atkinson, Cos Sportsperson of the Year, Honorable Mention
Kalen Branch, Honorable Mention
St Francis Luke Cavanagh, All Academic
Jake Coward, First Team (Goalie)
Nick Coward, First Team (Forward)
Brandon Dierks, All Academic
Ryan Finn, All Academic
Jonah Ostrander, All Academic
Nathan Shelnick, All Academic
St John’s Matt Bollinger, Coach of the Year
Will Bowler, Honorable Mention
Wil Halker, Second Team (Goalie)
Zak Keller, All Academic
Tyler Kelly, Ed Kretz Courage Award, All Academic
Greg Krzyston, All Academic
Nick Meader, First Team (Forward)
Andrew Pelok, Rookie of the Year, Second Team (Forward)
Leo Roberts, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Liam Seiple, Honorable Mention
Matthew Stansley, All Academic
Whitmer Elijah Gilbert, Honorable Mention
Dylan Trzcinski, Honorable Mention
Jo Wester, Honorable Mention
Noah Zimmerman, Honorable Mention