2020-21 League Schedule

A TENTATIVE version of the NHC league schedule was released today. We expect adjustments to dates and times for league games as teams continue to book non-conference games, rinks fine-tune their schedules, and so on. Other teams can use this information to help find non-conference match-ups with NHC teams, for example.

There are also many uncertainties because of COVID-19. We will keep the website up-to-date as things change, including adding non-conference games and tournament commitments once we find out about them.

The NHC home page lists the league games for all 3 divisions. The Red, White, and JV pages list only league games for each of those divisions. Team pages include non-conference game and tournaments: this is incomplete and will be updated as teams release additional information about their full schedules.

Looking ahead to the 2020-21 season, the Red Division will conduct its 2nd season with 7 teams. This year, each Red team will play a complete league schedule, 2 games vs. the other 6 teams (12 divisional games).

The White Division continues with the same 7 teams and the JV Division has 6 teams again. The league schedule for both is 2 games vs. each division opponent.

The pre-season is currently set to begin on November 6th, with 2 weekends of scrimmages. The regular season begins on the weekend of November 20th, with a few league games taking place before Thanksgiving. The regular season ends on Sunday, February 14th.

Special this year are 2 league games as part of the Walleye Winterfest (December 17 – January 3), outdoor at Fifth Third Field in downtown Toledo.

Any team interested in scheduling non-conference games with NHC teams should contact Keith Instone at instone@nhchockey.com. Keith will give you access to additional information to help you connect with our teams and figure out opportunities to play during the 2020-21 season.