Awards, 2019-20 Season

League awards for the 2019-20 season, as voted on by coaches, recognize the accomplishments of players, on and off the ice.

Award Category Red Division White Division
Player of the YearDavid Crandall, Northview Chase Soltis, Lake
Dunn Sportsperson of the YearMichael Armstrong, FindlayAlex Taylor, Clay
Cos Sportsperson of the YearSeth Orozco, Northview
Nick Meader, St. John’s
Noah Smith, Lake
Ed Kretz Courage AwardPete Eigner, St. John’sTyler Ruch, Maumee
Rookie of the YearBen Seals, Anthony Wayne
Easton Schick, Bowling Green
Sammy Rogenski, Southview
Coach of the YearBen Patey, Findlay
Chris Varga, St. Francis
Butch Leon, Springfield
First TeamDavid Crandall, Northview (Forward)
Nick Meader, St. John’s (Forward)
Nick Coward, St. Francis (Forward)
Caden Togrul, Perrysburg (Defense)
Zach Knapp, Anthony Wayne (Defense)
Tyler Clem, Northview (Goalie)
Nick Rogenski, Southview (Forward)
Oliver Horvath, Southview (Forward)
Chase Soltis, Lake (Forward)
Owen Holmes, Southview (Defense)
Mitch Relford, Whitmer (Defense)
Justin Korb, Whitmer (Goalie)
Second TeamDrew Seals, Anthony Wayne (Forward)
Harry Hall, Findlay (Forward)
Ben Thomas, Anthony Wayne (Forward)
Will Bowler, St. John’s (Defense)
Justin Beaverson, Northview (Defense)
Seth Orozco, Northview (Defense)
Thomas Barrow, St. Francis (Goalie)
Wil Halker, St. John’s (Goalie)
Corey Krieger, Clay (Forward)
Erik Kenney, Whitmer (Forward)
Owen Jardine, Lake (Forward)
Mike Tolles, Lake (Defense)
Ray Wagner , Lake (Defense)
Roby Fairchild, Maumee (Goalie)

Awards by Team

Additional “All Academic” awards for Seniors will be added as they are submitted by teams.

Anthony WayneGavin Bartley, All Academic
Zach Knapp, First Team (Defense), All Academic
Jesse Rose, All Academic
Logan Schuster, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Ben Seals, Rookie of the Year
Drew Seals, Second Team (Forward), All Academic
Joel Semancik, All Academic
Ben Thomas, Second Team (Forward)
Justin Utterback, Honorable Mention
Cole Whitmore, All Academic
Bowling GreenJackson Bevins, Honorable Mention
Shane Cassin, Honorable Mention
Brayden Clauson, Honorable Mention
Nolan Huss, Honorable Mention
Luke Johnson, Honorable Mention
Nick Powers, Honorable Mention
Easton Schick, Rookie of the Year
Gavin Sudlow, Honorable Mention
ClayMax Belli, Honorable Mention
John Hansen, Honorable Mention
Cory Krieger, Second Team (Forward)
Ty Szymczak, Honorable Mention
Alex Taylor, Dunn Sportsperson of the Year
Jeffrey Zsigrai, Honorable Mention
FindlayMichael Armstrong, Dunn Sportsperson of the Year
Ethan Franks, Honorable Mention
Harry Hall, Second Team (Forward), All Academic
Reagan Black, All Academic
Jake LaMaster, All Academic
Cody Mlsna, Honorable Mention
Mat Heminger, All Academic
Ben Patey, Coach of the Year
FremontLuke Clark, Honorable Mention
Ian Covell, Honorable Mention
Collin Driftmyer, Honorable Mention
Zac Grosjean, Honorable Mention
Jevin Rhineberger, Honorable Mention
Kaiden Williams, Honorable Mention
LakeKrieg Boiselle, Honorable Mention
Brent Hegemier, Honorable Mention
Owen Jardine, Second Team (Forward)
Colton Lowe, Honorable Mention
Noah Smith, Cos Sportsperson of the Year
Chase Soltis, Player of the Year, First Team (Forward)
Clay Soltis, Honorable Mention
Mike Tolles, Second Team (Defense)
Ray Wagner, Second Team (Defense)
MaumeeAlex Drown, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Roby Fairchild, Second Team (Goalie), All Academic
Brooke Kayne , Honorable Mention
Brayden Meeks, Honorable Mention
Jessica Perrault, Honorable Mention
Kenny Poupard, Honorable Mention
Tyler Ruch, Ed Kretz Courage Award, All Academic
Toby Ruch, Honorable Mention
NorthviewSpencer Atkins, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Justin Beaverson, Second Team (Defense), All Academic
Dougie Carter, Honorable Mention
Tyler Clem, First Team (Goalie)
David Crandall, Player of the Year, First Team (Forward)
Lauren Elliott, All Academic
Griffin Muir, Honorable Mention
Seth Orozco, Cos Sportsperson of the Year, Second Team (Defense), All Academic
Braiden Otersen, Honorable Mention
Jimmy Roberts, Honorable Mention
Jeffrey Wood, Honorable Mention
PerrysburgJacob Bilger, All Academic
Patrick Hanley, Honorable Mention
Chase Nitschke, Honorable Mention
Cody Schneider, Honorable Mention
Tay Schneider, Honorable Mention
Caden Togrul, First Team (Defense), All Academic
SouthviewClay Damron, Honorable Mention
Owen Holmes, First Team (Defense)
Oliver Horvath, First Team (Forward)
Spencer Pocezekaj, Honorable Mention
Nick Rogenski, First Team (Forward)
Sammy Rogenski, Rookie of the Year
SpringfieldZac Hoskins, Honorable Mention
Loreli Huber, Honorable Mention
Mason Koppelberger, Honorable Mention
Kellen McGrath, Honorable Mention
Butch Leon, Coach of the Year
St FrancisThomas Barrow, Second Team (Goalie), All Academic
Dawson Booth, Honorable Mention
Nick Coward, First Team (Forward), All Academic
Owen Denker, Honorable Mention
Devon Homier, Honorable Mention
Luc Kuhr, Honorable Mention
Chris Meyer, Honorable Mention
Brendan Newsom, All Academic
Chris Varga, Coach of the Year
St John’sWill Bowler, Second Team (Defense), All Academic
Pete Eigner, Ed Kretz Courage Award, All Academic
Wil Halker, Second Team (Goalie)
Logan Inkrott, All Academic
Nick Meader, Cos Sportsperson of the Year, First Team (Forward), All Academic
Andrew Pelok, Honorable Mention
Matt Pfeifer, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Ricky Scheich, Honorable Mention, All Academic
Liam Seiple, Honorable Mention
Ben Paluch, Honorable Mention
WhitmerDerek Bradley, Honorable Mention
Erik Kenney, Second Team (Forward)
Justin Korb, First Team (Goalie)
Mitch Relford, First Team (Defense)
Hunter Zimmerman, Honorable Mention